Producers Circle

Studio Heads

Alberto Arias and Wood Kinnard
Colgate Darden

Executive Producers

Larry Feldman, M.D. and Vinh Huy Nguyen, Ph.D.
Larry Hyer and Tom Casey
Jennifer Kriz
Jim Tyrrell and Roger Thomson


Brian Adler and Omar Suarez
Scott L. Bennett Charitable Fund
Dierck Casselman and Scott Van Hove
Mark Gilbert | Paul Orshan
Mark Jernigan
Krisztian Karsai and Danny Cabrera
Samuel Rubert
Jodi, Sarah, and Baby Giuliana Eletto
Dr. Philip Teitelbaum and Dr Adam Jacobowitz
George Zuber & Anthony Snyder Charitable Fund at Our Fund


Steven Adkins and Diego Goncalves
Frank Alvarez and Decio Sales
Eric D. Auciello
Marc Barnett
Brian Beasley and Oliver von Gundlach
Mark Walter Braswell
Brian Burlingame and Marcones Macedo
David Campbell
Leticia Carrazana
John Charles ONE Sotheby’s International Realty
Marty Davis and Michael Acton-Coles
Kelvis Del Rio
Meade Dickerson and Rod Schimko
Dennis Edwards and Mark Steinberg
Rick G. Field & Antz Lewis
Seth and Liebe Gadinsky
Bill Hahne
Don Hayden and Brian Thompson
Benjamin Hein
H. Scott Huizenga
Bill Hussey
Simon S. Kaminetsky
Ric Katz
Paul Kelly
David Leeds and Peter Casey
Marc Levin
Marc Lichtman
Anthony LoGrande and Fabian Rodriguez
Mark Mandel and Allan Yudacufski
Dennis McWilliams and Victor “Tito” Ramos
Johnnie Mejia
Michael Meltzer and Alan Ngim
Charles Million and Tim Nardi
Richard Milstein and Eric Hankin
Bert Mittler
James C. and Robert Moon
Dino Mosquera
Murray Newman and Harry Koster
Damian Pardo
Edward Pascoe
Bill Peebles
Don Perkins and William Niebles
Andre Perwin and Rod Gillis
Ebony Rhodes
State Representative David Richardson
Lynare Robbins and Carmen Suero
Dennis Roy
John Ruark and Sergio Papa
Kenny Russell
Edwin A. Scharlau and Victor M. Gimenez
Paul Scolieri-Rothberg
Susan Solman
Daniel Spring and Jean Marc De Silva
Jim Stepp & Peter Zimmer Fund at Our Fund
Jimmy Thomas
Michael Toomey
Ronald Traub and Ramon Ortega
Chi Chi Truong
Martin Watkins
Linda Watson

Organization Directors

American Australian Association
Latinos Salud
Miami Beach Gay Pride
Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
Polga Medical Group, P.A.
Take Shape Plastic Surgery, P.A.